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10 Simple Strategies to Make Facebook & Instagram Ads Work Effectively For Your Shopify Business

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Only pay for Facebook Insta ads that improve your eCommerce, Shopify, and Woocommerce store sales

Email marketing specialists

No lock-in contracts & weekly reports


1. We email your current database to increase sales

  2. We shoot your
video & photo ads

3. We create / optimise your website for more sales

  4. We create & scale your ads

How we work

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How we work

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eCommerce Agency
Case Study

Our Brisbane eCommerce client was originally running a Facebook ecommerce ads campaign only relying on 1-2 sales a day. Within the first 30 days of working with us we were able to setup and optimize new eCommerce website and bring in over $12,000 eCommerce of sales in their first month online. We also achieved over $100K in Sales over the next 6 months. 


It's important for your eCommerce business to be attracting new customers who are likely to buy from your website. This is where we can help your eCommerce Business, we have learnt to optimize ads and media production processes to make our services more affordable while continuously improving outcomes for our clients.

Is your eCommerce Business Growing? 

If you continue attracting the same amount of customers...

Your business may become stagnant

You may lose traction

You may be not able to scale your business

Your business may never be able to reach its potential

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Through advertising on Facebook & Instagram you can reach more than 3 Billion users.  Your friends are on it, your neighbours are on it. So should your eCommerce business be using it?


Running ads with professional photo and video on these platforms is very cost-effective as you can target your customer precisely with 70% more engagement than photos. The bottom line is you get more ongoing sales  on your online store.

We’ll get you more eCommerce sales through...

Facebook & Instagram

With over 1 billion users on Facebook & Instagram. Ads are the best way to grab peoples attention. The right ad campaigns help you attain customers & sell more 

Optimising your Website

Our Conversion rate optimisation strategies will help your customers find, stay, and buy more from your eCommerce store more often. This is great way to make your ad spend go further


Retarget your customers after they have shopped on your Store. It involves having a new impact on users who previously interacted with your website by sending them ads

World-Class Media

Content is king. We create or help you create massively appealing photos shoots, video shoots.

We then take these to make irresistible Facebook Ads.

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PJ Jawardana

In just over six weeks Futurity Digital Marketing has increased our brand awareness, reach and sales exponentially. Nathan and his team have the 'know-how' to make digital marketing work for you and your business. We highly recommend Futurity Digital Marketing.

Image by Clarisse Meyer

Sarah Dickens

Nathan was a pleasure to deal and was patient and helpful with any of our questions throughout the process of creating our business website. We are very happy with the end product and wouldn't hesitate to work with Futurity Digital marketing again in the future. Thanks guys!

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Mehmet Ghenk

Futurity digital marketing, are the go-to people. They are fast to act and are down to earth. Lovely to work with and they really care about their customers.If you're after a results-driven company get in touch with these blokes!!.