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5 Ways Solar Companies Can Dominate Online Without Ads

Solar Marketing Analytics


Our Brisbane Solar client was originally running Facebook ads campaign paying $160 - $200 a Lead. This was too expensive. Within the first 30 days of working with us we were able to bring the cost down to $20.10 per pre-qualified lead. We also achieved six cents per click to their website lead form. 

Most Marketing Companies Won't Waste Their Time On You Unless You Have Very Deep Pockets...

Solar Leads | Solar Marketing
Solar Leads | Solar Marketing

It's important for your business to be attracting new customers who are likely to buy from your website. This is where we can help your Solar business. We have learnt to optimize our ads and Media production processes which make our services more affordable while continuously improving outcomes for our clients.


If you continue attracting the same amount of customers...

Your business may become stagnant

You may lose traction

You may be not able to scale your business

Your business may never be able to reach its potential

Solar Leads - Solar Marketing Science in HD
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Your Solution

Through advertising on Facebook, Google , and Youtube you can reach more than 3 Billion users.  Your friends are on it, your neighbours are on it and your clients are definitely are on it. So should your Solar business be using it? Yes. Running ads with professionally made video and photography on these platforms is very cost effective as you can target your customer better than on  a Billboard or the local paper. Bottom line is you get more leads & sales and customers to re-market to for less cost. It's a win-win.

Solar Leads - Solar Marketing

We’ll get you more Solar  leads through...


With over 1 billion active users on Facebook & Instagram, ads are the best way to grab peoples attention. Implementing the right ad campaigns helps you catch the eye of customers & sell more 


Our Google Ads will get you on top. Today could be your turn to step into the spotlight! With optimised and well maintained ads you can you can excelerate your businesses growth rapidly


Retarget Your customers after they have shopped on  Your Store. It involves having a new impact on users who previously interacted with your website by sending them ads


Content is king. We  create or help you create massively appealing visuals, Photos and  photo Shoots, Video, Social Media Posts, and Social Media Groups

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create Solar Leads?

We use Facebook, Youtube and Google ads to create leads.

How much advertising budget should I start with?

We recommend $500-$1000 a month to start with. We also recommend using free strategies to develop your brand to so potential clients will trust you more when they find you.

How is Digital marketing different from regular marketing?

Digital Marketing is hightly measurable due to the platforms that it is ran on. So when optimized the return on investment can be better than a bill board which may be showing ads to people not interested in its content (copy) or pictures (creative).

Why should I hire a marketing agency?

When you hire a marketing agency you save alot of money and time as you do not have to write up large employeed contracts or pay leave. Futurity marketing makes it possible to get the results you want at affordable prices.

Do You Create Websites?

Yes we create websites with Forms, eCommerce, SEO, CRM, and Email Marketing integrations. All this from $499. Message or call us today for more details.

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